Different Types of Clocks


Most people use these to help them get out of bed at a certain time in the morning. They are generally fairly small, and they can fit on a bedside table so that you can easily check the time during the night.

Maritime & Weather Station

Not just a great gift for anybody who enjoys nautical design in their home or office, maritime or weather station clocks allow the owner to keep an eye on the weather outside while also knowing the time.


The largest and most traditional of all available clocks is the grandfather clock. These are incredibly beautiful clocks that are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

The Varieties of Watches

Chronograph Watches

These watches come in a wide variety of styles but are always recognizable by their face and side buttons. Most chronograph watches have a main watch face and three smaller inset dials.

Digital Watches

A digital watch requires a battery to function, obviously, but what you may not realize is that the only difference between digital watches and non-mechanical analog watches is the way they display the time.

Dress Watches

Most dress watches tell time and nothing else, with few to no embellishments or flourishes. In fact, many think that the more simple a watch is, the more elegant it is, which is one of the driving principles in designing a dress watch.

Key Elements of Clocks

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    Power Source

    Mechanical clocks can be powered by suspended weights (oscillating pendulum), sprocket, drum, or mainspring. Electricity is either carried to the clock directly from the power grid or stored in batteries.

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    By providing constant frequency movement, clock’s mechanisms can capture those oscillations and transform them into precisely timed series of pulses that show us the exact passage of time.

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    Counter chain

    The counter chain is a mechanism that counts the pulses that were created by the controller and converts them into traditional time measuring units of seconds, minutes and hours.

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